HillCity Sunday Service Experience



You will be met at the door by some friendly people who we call “Greeters”. These folks are anointed to greet you warmly, calm your ‘nerves’ and direct you into the place of worship. This is an environment saturated with the power and presence of God brought about by the prayers of our intercessory team who would have arrived much earlier to engage with God in prayer.


Expect to be ushered into God’s presence by quality worship music and exhilarating praise to our God. IMPACT is our watchword at our services; thus, expect to engage with sound biblical teaching & preaching that are heaven-sent, inspiring, relevant, and practical for your spiritual development.


Concerning giving, we are blessed people at HillCity Church and do not believe that our guests are obligated to give to our church. We are however unable to deny our members the opportunity to give to the Lord. Giving is an exercise which we actually believe forms an integral part of our worship. Thus, there will be a giving/offering time during our Sunday worship service specifically meant for our members and “whosoever will”.


Regarding dressing, there is no particular dress code at HillCity Church. We are redeemed people from different nations of the world who believe that God cares more about who you are than what you wear. So please feel free to come just as you are and just as you like!


Ellenbrook33 Comserv Loop,EllenbrookTime: 10am