Core Values



We love to be a Church known for our:


  • AUDACIOUS Faith in God

Seeking for the so-called impossible and believing God to make it become possible is what we enjoy most in our walk with God. We have found that our “over-the-top” faith in God has made for a fun-filled and exciting Christian life experience. Pleasing God is our utmost desire, and we know this is impossible without embracing Faith.


  • CONTAGIOUS Passion for God

We have discovered how much love God has for us; and so it is natural for us to become passionate about Him. If only you can see what He has blessed us with, then you won’t find it difficult to understand why we have become ‘crazy’ about Him.


  • COPIOUS Evangelism

Telling people about Jesus is not just what we have to do; it is what we enjoy doing. We just don’t know how to condemn people, otherwise we would have started with ourselves. We tell the UNCHURCHED to come IN; we tell the DECHURCHED to come BACK; and we tell the so-called UNCHURCHABLE to come OUT of the wrongly-labelled box into which the world has placed them.


  • GENEROUS Service

WE love and value people, and will do whatever it takes to let people know that we love and value them. We think more about what we can give to people and how we can be of help.


  • WONDROUS Excellence

We do not claim to be perfect in the way we do things, but we surely do our things with excellence. We do realise that excellence honours God and inspires people.




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