Family Focus



HillCity Church has been given the assignment of designing life-imparting services, with THE FAMILY as the central focus. The demography of our immediate community reveals that young couples and families abound. At HillCity, we are not ignorant of the challenges of “joggling” the raising of young children in the fear of the Lord, with living godly lives as parents, with taking care of business and career, with “doing” life with others all at the same time.


As part of our ministry at HillCity Church, we run:


HillCity Heritage (Preschoolers ages 1-4 years)


Our nursery and pre-school is designed for more than just babysitting while parents enjoy worship services. As we interact with your toddlers, we will pray for them, speak the word of life into their spirit man and prophesy God’s blessing over them. It is our desire to make all of our children to feel loved when in our care.


Even while meeting in a “not-purpose-built” setting, our nursery and pre-school room will be immaculate, filled with age-appropriate toys and provide an opportunity for positive interaction with other little ones. Although fun will form part of the day, HillCity Heritage is not just a play centre. We will present hands-on bible lessons that will inspire children and set a foundation for a healthy and active relationship with God.


Health and safety requirements are being observed. We consider it an honour that you have asked us to look after your children and teach them the way of the Lord.


Ellenbrook33 Comserv Loop,EllenbrookTime: 10am