About HillCity Church



You may have been involved in Church or it may be the first time you have ever considered going to church, you can expect a beautiful experience and an unforgettable encounter with God as you connect with us.


At Hillcity Church, we recognise how a man apart from God is zero in spite of seemingly enviable status and great achievements. That is why we depend on God to create a place for people like you to come to know Him and grow in your relationship with your Maker. Filling the pew is nothing to us, fulfilling your purpose in life is everything to God and to us.


You must have heard that the number 1 reason why people don’t go to church is because “it is boring”. Boredom takes the centre stage only when IMPACT is absent. At Hillcity Church, we love to present impactful church services which minister to your complete person – spirit, soul and body. Of Jesus it was said that “The Large crowd enjoyed listening to him” (Mark 12:37 GW). Of the place of worship it was said that “I was GLAD when they said unto me, let us go the house of the Lord (Psalm 122:1). So neither His person nor His place is boring. Our goal is to make coming to Church the highlight of your week – something you look forward to with excitement and enthusiasm.


Our Church services are packaged to help you discover who you are and can be in Christ – that is, to help you discover your destiny. Remember, your destiny is not your decision, it is your discovery!


Three things will happen to you as you connect with us:


One, you will begin to experience passion or re-discover your passion for God and for His kingdom which is of eternal value. Many people serve God in such a way as to not offend the devil. They are morally good but lack zeal for God. I’m sure that you know that one’s zeal is the only guarantee for progress during difficult moments of life. Expect to become passionate as you connect with us.


Two, you will begin to encounter the power of God in your life. This is that supernatural aspect of daily living that sets you apart as God’s beloved. Simply put, you will become naturally supernatural!


Three, you will begin to realise, embrace and pursue your purpose in life. You will come to the knowledge of the fact that your purpose was determined before you were created. By connecting with us, God will reveal your purpose to you and equip you with what it takes to accomplish it.


Once again, thank you for spending some time exploring our website.


God bless you!


Dr. Joe Obisesan

Ellenbrook33 Comserv Loop,EllenbrookTime: 10am